TIS offers an optional industry leading real time reporting software that allows our guards to report security issues through a handheld device in real time. Leveraging the use of real time reporting, TIS Security is able to track security, maintenance, and parking issues in real time. This information is also available to our clients via a secure web-site.

Real time reporting:

  1. Monitor the location and productivity of your guards.
  2. Track and analyze security issues and data over longer periods of time.
  3. Transmit task reminders and notifications to security officers.
  4. Automatically notify your key personnel in the event of an emergency, security, or maintenance issue.
  5. Receive detailed Daily Activity Reports with GPS and time-stamped photos and audio file with detailed descriptions of all security and maintenance issues.


Daily Activity Reports are available in real time and stored digitally for later retrieval. You can also pull historical data giving you key insight on all security, maintenance, and parking issues.


The task feature lets us create a daily itinerary and to-do list for all of our security officers. With your input we can create automatically scheduled tasks for daily completion, easily edit or add in new tasks as they come up, see notifications when tasks are completed, and record useful details about the officer’s work.


Our system is capable of tracking our security guards in the field, in real time. Through the use of Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, the system is able to track the movement of individual officers, mobile patrols, and field supervisors.

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