The goal of Texas Industrial Training Academy (TISTA) is to provide the highest quality training available leading you toward a safe and long-term career as a Security Professional. We are a team of security trainers and specialists who are geared to making you a better security officer and a better-prepared individual. Whether you are looking for your Level III Commissioned Security Officer Certification, need requalification, or you are an armed professional looking to hone your skills, or simply a defensive minded citizen, TISTA can provide the training.

What separates TISTA from the other training schools?


Our instructors are veterans and ex-police officers with over 25 years of experience in local, federal, and international law enforcement, corporate security and private security. They are experienced security managers that understand what clients and hiring managers are looking for in an Armed Security Professional. Our instructors maintain the following qualifications:

  • Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) Certified Classroom Instructor.
  • TCOLE Certified Firearms Instructor.
  • Pressure Point Control Tactics (PPCT) Certified Instructor.
  • Texas Dept. of Public Safety Licensed Security Manager.

Certificate Training

Quality training is the key to your professionalism, hiring potential, and situational management. With that in mind, we have designed our security training programs to exceed the State of Texas requirements.

Our basic Level III Commissioned Security Officer course includes at no extra cost:

  • Hands on defensive tactics training.
  • Baton certification.
  • Handcuff certification.
  • Hands on basic firearms training.

Along with security certificate training, TISTA also offers PPCT (Pressure Point Control Tactics) certification. PPCT qualifies for TCOLE education credits.

Advanced Training

In addition to Certificate Training TISTA offers advanced training for armed professionals and defensive minded citizens alike. Relying heavily on their experience in police and military tactics, our instructors have developed courses that are applicable in today’s world. Courses include:

  • Basic Defensive Pistol / Advanced Defensive Pistol.
  • Basic Defensive Shotgun / Advanced Defensive Shotgun.
  • Basic Defensive Carbine / Advanced Defensive Carbine.
  • Building Clearing / Team Tactics / Armed conflict in progress response
  • Self Defense / Weapon retention / Ground defense

TISTA’s focus is for everyone to BE PREPARED, BE VIGILANT, and BE SAFE.

Level III$19940
Level III Requalification$504
Level III + Ground Defense*$30048
PPCT Certificate*$37540
*5-day class
Volume Discounts Available to Licensed Security Companies sending two or more employees.
Individual discounts for US Veterans or US Active Duty Military, and for members of ASSIST: $10 for Certificate courses and $5 for Requalification